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Firefly - badass Zoe
I'm trying to let go a lot more this year- deliberately let go of bad feelings, of hate that I let consume me, of sadnesses that I have held on to for YEARS, of hurt feelings and old fears and old beliefs.

I need to start journalling again. I love livejournal and stuff for talking about things and venting, but there's stuff I need to keep for myself. ramblings and thoughts and such, without thinking about an audience. Not that I've ever minded oversharing, lol. I just think there's a lot of mess in my head that I need to write down and not have to edit or whatever so it makes sense.

Turns out my sister's dog Riley will stay with me now. I'm trying to be positive and such, I DID feel awful and I wanted to help. I just wasn't ready to have to take care of a dog. Well, I'll have to be ready now.

STILL have to get my oil changed, and being back here kinda doesn't help my productivity... if that's the right word. I feel isolated, suffocated, all I want to do is sleep and never leave the room. AND all the pets are annoying me so much. like, I'm trying to let go of annoyance, but FUCK sometimes I want to cry cause they piss me off so much. CANNOT WAIT TO MOVE OUT. 20 more days. I'm SOOOO counting down. 


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