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Firefly - badass Zoe
- I want to go out into the wild and stay there for several days. been looking at a lot of beginner tips for hiking and camping and backpacking.

-I want to be stable financially. I want my own income. I hate being a burden.

-I hate it here. Honestly I deserve a gold fucking star for being so damn accomadating, but I know that's just me being selfish. Still, I am DONE. I wouldn't have believed it if you'd have told me a year ago, but I am SO HAPPY to be moving back to San Diego. It's time to start putting down roots there, I think.

-My sister is going to put her dog Riley up for adoption and it's taking a lot of self control on my part not to tell her I'll adopt her. I love that dumb dog and she loves that dumb dog and it makes me kinda weepy to know she won't be staying in the family. She's raised that dog herself, it's her baby. :(

-I'm really glad Bobbi has her driver's license now, but without my role as her means of transportation, I do feel a little lost. I've been sleeping a lot.

-friends are graduating uni, and I would have been there with them. I don't know how to be okay with this.

-I still haven't changed the oil in my car. I want to do it myself but I probably can't so I'll just take it into a shop but that requires calling and shit and I don't want to do that. also I haven't fixed the airbags so lol it's an unsafe car and I'm letting my girlfriend drive it and shit. :/

-I'm happy to go home next week. I'm trying hard to be happier about it. i'm just drained today, I suppose. 


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