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Firefly - badass Zoe
I have moved!!! I'll be living with Bobbi and her parents now, so happy to be with her.

It's certainly... shocking. It's been a LONG time since I've been on my own in a new place, I forgot how weird it is to re-learn your way around a city. I love it, though, that feeling of new-ness and adventure. And I ADORE the countryside, we're like in the middle of nowhere, and it's beautiful right now, all spring like. Only complaint I guess would be living in rural hell. xD I'm not a big fan of rural life, man. I already know I'll be spending a lot of my time down in the city of Fresno. Still, it's nice and quiet, lots of adorable pets, Bobbi's parents are so good to me, and I'm not yet having to pay any rent. All in all, it feels like it's going to be an awesome thing for me.

Now, this week I gotta get down to business. I need to work double hard on my art stuff, because no matter what I decide to do, I do NOT want to stop giving my all when it comes to that. I also need to start looking for a Real Job(tm) soon cause ultimately Bobbi and I do want to get our own apartment.

OOH and my friend from back home is getting married this August and I'm excited for that!! Ahhhh I dunno. I just feel so happy that things are going well in my life. This is good. 


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